Since 2015 I have uploaded creative material on the internet; videos photos, LEGO creations, and texts. I have rarely had a clear goal for projects under these categories, instead, they have been undertaken due to an intrinsic motivation to create. 

Today I study psychology and philosophy at Linköping University, in Sweden, but the most important part of my studies is what happens outside the classroom - we are all students in life, and every moment provides space for developing our potential. 

This website is intended as a place where I build a portfolio for completed projects, where I link to everywhere I participate online, and where I have a database of texts on everything from abstract ideas to concrete tips on personal development and life. 


I most frequently score INTJ on the Myers Briggs 16 Type Indicator, but I mainly use the most scientifically valid personality assessments when speaking about personality traits, that is The Big Five. On average, this is how I score on those 5 dimensions:

  • Openness to Experience: 80 PCTL (High)
  • Conscientiousness: 75 PCTL (High)
  • Extraversion: 25 PCTL (Low)
  • Agreeableness: 50 PCTL (About average)
  • Neuroticism: 60 PCTL (About average)

What these traits mean you can read about in my post about personality psychology.

A meta-answer is “competent”. More concretely, I do a lot of things that I’d like to keep doing, mainly that which is displayed on this website: Writing, LEGO, photography, and videography. I study psychology and philosophy at university, where I’m also working as a mentor. My role as a student and an employee at the university feels fulfilling, and I look to expand upon that in some way.

I use writing to become more articulate, to sharpen my thinking, and to contemplate life. LEGO is the main medium I use for my creative crafts, and I find it interesting that all builders share the same set of potential building blocks. Photography and videography are means to document and share my work, and to capture moments in time. I find all of these activities intrinsically intriguing, from LEGO and writing in earlier years, to the video and photo work in later years.

The best thing is that you study some of the most incredible figures and thoughts in the history of the world. Surrounding yourself with these ideas and mentors guarantees constant calls for greatness. The worst thing is that you can practice these subjects outside the university, and sometimes my sense is that you’re better off without the potential bureaucracy and politics of the education system.

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius - one of the most incredible writings in philosophy, and literature as a whole, from perhaps the most prominent stoic philosopher, and one of the most powerful men to ever walk the earth. Through this collection of scripture, we get to read his personal notes, written during his reign over the Roman Empire. He writes about self-control and improvement, impermanence and acceptance, inner peace and tranquility, and other self-reflections. It’s practical and relatively concrete philosophy, and it’s available in modern English, with the translation by Gregory Hays. There are also heaps of material surrounding Meditations, freely and readily available on the internet.

I can find good music in a wide range of different genres, and some songs here and there nostalgically takes me back to a different time. Today I mostly listen “Meaningwave”; a subgenre created by Akira the Don. Meaningwave combines music with spoken words from intellectual and inspirational profiles, such as Jordan Peterson, Jocko Willink, Joe Rogan, David Goggins, Alan Watts, the writings of Marcus Aurelius, etc. I’ve put together Spotify to get into the Meaningwave Universe.

For long I’ve had inclinations for stoic thinking. The most natural and frequently occurring motto might be that I can’t control what happens to me, but that I’m in control of how I respond to it. Furthermore, thinking that a seemingly negative situation might have a neutral or positive outcome, in the final analysis, helps me see the “good” in the “bad”. I wrote about it my article on The Law of Attraction.

Contemplate. Use our unique human capacity for rational thinking. Flesh out your thinking. Create your philosophy, about who you are, about your role in this world, and about what this world is. Listen to your voice of conscience - actually listen, and you will hear. Such introspective activity can be challenging, but you’ll find that you already possess the answers you need to take the next step in your journey.

Time is our most precious commodity. I don’t want to kill time. I want to use time. If I’m bored I’m probably not paying attention. I do get a bit itchy when I’m not doing anything of obvious productivity, but I can take a walk just for the sake of walking, or hammering on a project with a projectably low return on investment, or engage in leisure activities with my two younger brothers, and sometimes with friends.

The specific equipment I use is listed on my profil The important camera gear for me is a camera house with good video quality, combined with a constant aperture zoom and a prime lens with macro capabilities. Good lighting and audio are also crucial aspects of filmmaking. A lot of the software that I use; Notion as a digital workspace, Snapseed & Lightroom on mobile for photo editing, and a lot of features on this Wordpress-powered website, are free to use. I’ve created a lot with just my smartphone, and not created much with good gear. My advice is to focus on yourself and your craft. Gear matters, but you matter so much more.