Since 2015 I have uploaded creative material on the internet; videos photos, LEGO creations, and texts. I have rarely had a clear goal for projects under these categories, instead, they have been undertaken due to an intrinsic motivation to create. 

Today I study psychology and philosophy at Linköping University, in Sweden, but the most important part of my studies is what happens outside the classroom - we are all students in life, and every moment provides space for developing our potential. 

This website is intended as a place where I build a portfolio for completed projects, where I link to everywhere I participate online, and where I have a database of texts on everything from abstract ideas to concrete tips on personal development. 


I most frequently score INTJ on the Myers Briggs 16 Type Indicator, but I mainly use the most scientifically valid personality assessments when speaking about personality traits, that is The Big Five. On average, this is how I score on those 5 dimensions:

  • Openness to Experience: 80 PCTL (High)
  • Conscientiousness: 75 PCTL (High)
  • Extraversion: 25 PCTL (Low)
  • Agreeableness: 50 PCTL (About average)
  • Neuroticism: 60 PCTL (About average)

What these traits mean you can read about in my post about personality psychology.