How to Make a “Minimalist“ Desk Setup

In my latest video, I featured my desk setup for early 2022. The video performed surprisingly well in terms of views and ratings, so I figured that some follow-up content about my tips for making a desk setup would be of interest. I’ve made a video version of the tips below. Enjoy!

  1. Start from scratch. It’s good to be able to wreck something to the ground and start all over again, especially if your desk is a total mess. Now when you have an empty space to work with, you can carefully select what gets to enter this valuable space of yours. I’ve hierarchically ordered what I began building my workspace with as follows: Necessities > conveniences > decorations.
  2. Use what you already have. Honestly, the fact that we even have a workspace should tell something about our miraculously fortunate position in time and space. What we already have should be more than sufficient to get from point A to point B. Have gratitude for that fact, be wise with your investments in the setup, and come up with creative solutions with the resources at hand.
  3. Add your own personal touch. What can separate your desk setup from any other desk setup, is the fact that it’s, well… YOURS, so make your desk setup shine with your uniqueness! In my case, I’ve decorated it with LEGO items that I’ve created, displaying my full-time hobby of being a “professional LEGO nerd”.
  4. Keep your workspace functional. Now when you’ve got this great setup going on, make sure to set up systems and form habits to keep it that way. Have a folder for your physical files, set up rules about areas of the desk where you don’t allow yourself to get messy, and make sure to not leave any soda cans from your gaming session with the bois.
  5. Don’t overthink your desk setup. Contrary to what one might think I believe from watching me excessively change my workspace, there is such a thing as overthinking it. Investing a certain amount of time, energy and money into developing a fitting workspace makes perfect sense, especially if you’re spending a lot of daily time at it. However, your workspace is for work, and if you’re constantly reorganizing it and watching content about others’ setups for inspiration, perhaps it’s time to fix a draft that you can settle with. Come on; I can’t be the only one who has disguised procrastination in “upgrading my workspace to get more productive”.

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful, and that you’ll use some of them in practice. Because I’m still a small creator in a big world, I can keep up with all the responses I receive, so if you want to contact me regarding desk setups, minimalism, or any of the topics I’m writing about, feel free to send me a message on any of my social media, or via Now, clean up your desk, and peace out!

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